Global Bridge Pharmaceutical Inc is a consulting and service company focused on making quality medicines more accessible and affordable to patients and healthcare providers around the world. We achieve this through a number of operations including but not limited to:

  • Global Access Program (GAP)
  • Diaspora medicine Initiate
  • Named Patient Program (NPP)
  • Targeted Disease Treatment Programs
  • Licensing, Acquisition and Commercialization (LAC)
  • Pre-Registration Supply
  • Post-Withdrawal Supply
  • Contract Manufacturing Services
  • Private and Public Sector Tenders

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To collaborate with healthcare professionals and stakeholders both here in The United States and around the world, build meaningful relationships and provide solutions to their pharmaceutical and therapeutic needs.

To provide access to the same quality and safe medicines available in the united states to patients, pharmacies, hospitals and wholesalers around the world.

To enable abondant access to more therapies, for more people, and at a lower cost than is currently the norm.


That patients in other countries should benefit from the same medicines and therapy available to those in the United States.

That medicines should have no border.

That healthcare professionals and their staff should have access to the same pharmacotherapy solution and training available to their peers in The United States and other advanced nations.

To disrupt the status quo and create tools our clients can utilize to realize their own vision.