"Our primary objective is to improve global health through the provision of quality and safe medicines and health education."

Global Bridge pharmaceutical Inc. is a pharmaceutical consulting and service company located in Charlotte N.C USA.

Founded by a team of pharmacists, physicians and other professionals, we focus on improving lives of patients through a variety of services. From sourcing of medicines and drug information services to the implementation of named patient programs and global access programs, our team works directly with our global partners and clients, and together we find the solution to help meet the needs of their patients.

Many medicines are approved and used in the United States for years before they are launched in other countries. Our goal is to bridge that access gap and help patients live a healthier life irrespective of their country of residence.

At GB Pharma Inc., we adhere to the highest standards of the pharmaceutical industry in providing our services. Our team was formed with the common goal of not only sharing our expertise, but also being a continuing partner in the pharmaceutical and healthcare progress of all individuals or entities we work with.